Introducing Scotland's most versatile dance band

What we can do

The words that sum up the Wild Cigarillos are versatility and flexibility. We can provide a full evening of up-tempo ceilidh dances, mixing all the popular dances like Strip the Willow with a few less well known but easily taught ones. With two expert ‘callers’ in the band, no-one need feel left out by not knowing the steps. We even have a few dances from overseas to add variety !

Alternatively, we can provide a dynamic mix of ceilidh music and pop/rock/jazz, including fast and slow numbers, adjusting the balance to fit the mood of the crowd on the night. This can sometimes be difficult for an organiser to predict, but you can rely on us to tune in and keep people happy.

Whichever style we play in, our wide instrumentation ensures that it’s always an authentic sound.

For an overall service you’ll find us very user-friendly! The Wild Cigarillos are ideal for all special functions: balls, dinner-dances, weddings, social events and parties.