Introducing Scotland's most versatile dance band

Years of Experience

Our lineage goes back a long way. We were one of the first ceilidh bands to use a rock rhythm section of electric bass and drums, leading to a revival in the popularity of ceilidh dancing. The BBC used us to demonstrate this in a documentary filmed at Glasgow’s Riverside Club.

The Wild Cigarillos have filled dance floors at a number festivals over the years, notably the Edinburgh Folk Festival, Celtic Connections in Glasgow and the Skagen Festival in Denmark. We have had a regular spot in the Ceilidh Tent at T in the Park and we represented Scotland at EXPO in Seville.

For many years we were an institution at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s Acoustic Music Centre. During a particularly sultry August, the Herald once described our sell-out ceilidhs as “a challenge to the strongest deodorant !”

We have also proved popular with Caledonian societies overseas in places as diverse as Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai, Dubai, Lagos and Houston with many repeat bookings in exotic and far flung destinations.

With all this behind us the Wild Cigarillos are still going strong and always looking for new engagements.

And the name ? Well, it’s a long story……………………………..